Inactive + hired

Hey guys! (I bet no one is reading) so recently I’ve been so fucking inactive I’m really sorry I couldn’t post, Its just some problems irl kinda wasn’t in the mood, so anyways I hired this dude named evandabest, I guess this place will all east getc more active, anyways bye!



Yo whatsup guys! Welcome to my gfx site! Im alice, a new gfx artist i edit costumes, combine them, i do both guys and girls. U ppl can find me in era & zone, i play classic and ol west but inavtive af.

For now im takin requests, ill try my best  to post like every 2 week (cuz editin from phone is hard af).Im also hirin for this site. Anyways heres my profiles:


Era^ ehh savin for uploads lost pro acc

^gonna get this!!!!

So yeah thats me i dont spar, anyways cya peepz!!